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2022US Fish & Wildlife Service, Pacific Southwest Region, Matthew Barry, Mike Edwards, Matt Hamman, Susan Abele,Strategic Plan for the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program – Habitat Restoration Division Pacific Southwest Region. Fiscal years 2022-2026Strategic Plan, Habitat Restoration, Pacific Southwest Region, technical-reporthabitat-restoration
2003 T.C. Dewberry, Ecotrust Development and Application of Anchor Habitat Approaches to Salmon Conservation: A synthesis of data and observations from the Napa watershed, California.Habitat, Salmontechnical-reportsalmon
2013Christopher C. AdamsSurvival and Movement of Juvenile Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) in the Shasta River, California180102Shasta River, Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)technical-reportsalmon
2017Andrew Nichols, Robert Lusardi, Ann Willis, Little Shasta River Aquatic Habitat Assessment180102Habitat Assessment, Little Shasta, technical-reportaquatic-habitat
2021Domenic Giudice, Morgan Knechtle, California Department of Fish and WildlifeShasta River Salmonid Monitoring 2020 Siskiyou County, CA, 180102Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), Monitoring, Shasta, technical-reportmonitoring-programs salmon
2020ESSA Technologies Ltd.Klamath Basin Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan (IFRMP) Phase 3 – Prioritization Criteria Quick-Reference Guide, , , , , Klamath IFRMP Prioritization Tool, multi-criteria scoring approach, Range Overlap, Prioritization, Habitat Restoration, CPIs, Stressors,technical-memoadaptive-management habitat-restoration monitoring-programs other-threatened-fishes water-quality water-temperature
2021M.E. Hereford, T.G. Wise, and A. Gonyaw, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, The Klamath TribesImplementation plan for the Reintroduction of Anadromous Fishes into the Oregon portion of the Upper Klamath Basin, , 180102reintroduction, anadromous fishes, Oregon, Upper Klamath Basintechnical-reporthabitat-restoration monitoring-programs salmon
2021Klamath River Renewal CorporationLower Klamath Project FERC Project No. 14803 Water Quality Monitoring and Management Plan, 180102Water Quality, FERCtechnical-reportmonitoring-programs water-quality
2021Klamath River Renewal CorporationLower Klamath Project FERC Project No. 14803 Sediment Deposit Remediation PlanSediment, FERCtechnical-reportsediment-geomorphology
2021Klamath River Renewal CorporationLower Klamath Project FERC Project No. 14803 Reservoir Drawdown and Diversion Plan180102FERC, Reservoirtechnical-reportdams-reservoirs
2021Klamath River Renewal Corporation, Stantec Consulting Services Inc.Lower Klamath Project FERC Project No. 14803 Reservoir Area Management Plan180102Reservoir, Lower Klamath technical-reportlower-klamath
2021Klamath River Renewal Corporation, McMillen Jacobs AssociatesLower Klamath Project FERC Project No. 14803 Hatcheries Management and Operations Plan180102Hatcheries Management, Lower Klamath, technical-reporthatcheries
2021Klamath River Renewal CorporationLower Klamath Project FERC Project No. 14803 Aquatic Resources Management Plan, , , , 180102FERC, Lower Klamath Projecttechnical-reportadaptive-management dam-removal monitoring-programs other-threatened-fishes salmon
2013U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Department of Commerce, National Marine Fisheries ServiceKlamath Dam Removal Overview Report for the Secretary of the Interior. An assessment of science and technical information180102dam removaltechnical-reportdam-removal
2019TRRP2019 Annual Report Trinity River Restoration Program, , , , 180102TRRP, Trinity River Restoration Programtechnical-reportadaptive-management habitat-restoration monitoring-programs salmon water-rights
2018Shasta Valley Resource Conservation District, Klamath Basin Monitoring Program, North Coast Regional Water Quality Control BoardShasta River Watershed Stewardship Report, , , , , 180102Shasta River Watershed, watershed scale, monitoringtechnical-reportadaptive-management irrigation monitoring-programs salmon water-rights water-quality
2020Salmon River Restoration CouncilSalmon River Community Restoration Program Annual Work Plan, , , , 180102Restoration, Salmon Rivertechnical-reporthabitat-restoration invasive-species monitoring-programs salmon water-quality
2002Don Elder, Brenda Olson, Alan Olson, Jim Villeponteaux, Peter BruckerSalmon River Subbasin Restoration Strategy: Steps to Recovery and Conservation of Aquatic Resources, , 180102technical-reportdam-removal habitat-restoration salmon
2008Toz Soto, Michael Hentz, Will HarlingMid-Klamath Subbasin Fisheries Resource Recovery Plan, , , , 180102Recovery Action Plan, Fisheries Resource, Mid-Klamathtechnical-reportdam-removal habitat-restoration monitoring-programs other-threatened-fishes salmon
2020Yurok Tribal Fisheries Program, Yurok Tribal Watershed Restoration ProgramLower Klamath River Sub-Basin Watershed Restoration Plan, , , , 180102Klamath River, Yurok People, Lower Klamath River, Watershed Restoration Plantechnical-reporthabitat-restoration lower-klamath salmon steelhead-rainbow-trout water-quality
2021Mark Petrie, J. Patrick Donnelly, Matthew E. Reiter, Johnnie Moore, Greg YarrisPacific Flyway Integrated Landscape Conservation: Meeting the Needs of Waterfowl and Shorebirds in a New Era of Water Scarcity, , , Integrated Landscape Conservation, Waterfowl, Shorebirds, technical-reportclimate-change hydrology irrigation water-rights
2021J. Patrick DonnellyManaging risk and maximizing return; decision support for conservation of dynamic wetland landscapes in southern Oregon and northeast Californiaconservation, wetland landscapes, southern Oregon, northeast Californiatechnical-reportmiscellaneous
2020J. Patrick Donnelly, Sammy L. King, Nicholas L. Silverman, Daniel P. Collins, Eduardo M. Carrera-Gonzalez, Alberto Lafón-Terrazas, Johnnie N. MooreClimate and human water use diminish wetland networks supporting continental waterbird migration, agricultural irrigation, climate, endorheic lake and wetland desiccation, flyway connectivity, Mexico, migratory waterbirds, North America, wetland ecosystem collapseacademic-articleclimate-change irrigation
2019Donnelly, J. P., D. E. Naugle, D. P. Collins, B. D. Dugger, B. W. Allred, J. D. Tack, and V. J. Dreitz.Synchronizing conservation to seasonal wetland hydrology and waterbird migration in semi-arid landscapes, conservation, flood irrigation, migration chronology, ranching, seasonal wetland, semi-arid; water, waterfowl.academic-articlehydrology irrigation
2021Donnelly J. P., S. L. King, J. Knetter, J. H. Gammonley, V. J. Dreitz, B. A. Grisham, M. C. Nowak, and D. P. CollinsMigration efficiency sustains connectivity across agroecological networks supporting sandhill crane migration180102agricultural irrigation, agroecology, flyway connectivity, migratory networks, network analysis, North America, sandhill crane; water scarcity, waterbirds; wetlandsacademic-articlemiscellaneous
2019David Gaeuman and Robert Stewart, Trinity River Restoration Program Trinity River Restoration Program – DRAFT Technical Report: TR-TRRP-2019-2 WY2015 Trinity River Gravel Augmentation Implementation Monitoring Report180102technical-reportmonitoring-programs
2020Jeffrey J. Duda, Marshal S. Hoy, Dorothy M. Chase, George R. Pess, Samuel J. Brenkman, Michael M. McHenry, Carl O. OstbergEnvironmental DNA is an effective tool to track recolonizing migratory fish following large-scale dam removal, , , 180102anadromous, Bull Trout, dam removal, eDNA, Elwha River, Lamprey, Pacific Salmon, recolonizationacademic-articleother-threatened-fishes red-band-trout salmon steelhead-rainbow-trout
2021U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Trout Unlimited, Klamath Watershed Partnership, The Klamath Tribes, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, The Nature Conservancy, and the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board of CaliforniaThe Upper Klamath Basin Watershed Action Plan, , 180102Monitoring, Restoration, water quality, fish populations, UKB Watershed Action Plan (UKBWAP) technical-reporthabitat-restoration other-threatened-fishes water-quality
2020Kleinschmidt Associates Exhibit A-1 Definite Decommissioning Plan180102Lower Klamath River Project , Dam removaltechnical-reportdam-removal
2021Yurok Tribe, Karuk Tribe, Genzoli, L., Bandrowski, D.J., Fricke, S., McCovey, B., Hillemeier, D., Belchik, M., and Soto, T.,Klamath Dam Removal Science Coordination Workshop Summary Report180102dam removal, Klamath Rivertechnical-reportdam-removal
2018Eloise Kendy, Bruce Aylward, Laura S. Ziemer, Brian D. Richter, Bonnie G. Colby, Theodore E. Grantham, Leslie Sanchez, Will B. Dicharry, EmilyM. Powell, Season Martin, Peter W. Culp, Leon F. Szeptycki, and Carrie V. KappelWater Transactions for streamflow restoration, water supply reliability, and rural economic vitality in the western united states, environmental flows, water scarcity economics, water markets, sustainability, water allocation, environmental indicatorsacademic-articlehabitat-restoration water-rights
2020unknownSpecies Distribution Maps, , spatial-dataother-threatened-fishes salmon steelhead-rainbow-trout
2020Charles E. Petrosky, Howard A Schaller, Eric S. Tinus, Timothy Copeland, Adam J. StorchAchieving Productivity to Recover and Restore Columbia River Stream- Type Chinook Salmon Relies on Increasing Smolt-To-Adult Survival, Chinook, Columbia River, Restore, Recover, academic-articlehabitat-restoration salmon
2017J.C. Jolley, G.S. Silver, J.E. Harris, T.A. WhiteselPacific lamprey recolonization of a Pacific Northwest river following dam removaldam removal, detection probability, Entosphenus, occupancy sampling, Pacific lamprey, recolonizationacademic-articleother-threatened-fishes
2017Mary L. Moser, Rebecca L. ParadisPacific Lamprey Restoration in the Elwha River Drainage Following Dam Removalsdams, removal, fish passageacademic-articlehabitat-restoration
2017Thomas P. Quinn, Morgan H. Bond, Samuel J. Brenkman, Rebecca Paradis, Roger J. PetersRe-awakening dormant life history variation: stable isotopes indicate anadromy in bull trout following dam removal on the Elwha River, WashingtonAnadromy, Char, Dam Removal, Partial migration,Salmonid, Stable isotopesacademic-articledam-removal
2014Scott River Watershed Council, Siskiyou RCDScott River Watershed Restoration Strategy & Schedule180102Scott River, TMDL, Watershed Restorationtechnical-reporthabitat-restoration
2009Siskiyou RCDScott River Riparian Restoration Analysis180102Scott River, Riparian, Restoration, Analysistechnical-reporthabitat-restoration
2012Damon Goodman, Stewart Reid, USFWS Western Lamprey Conservation TeamPacific Lamprey (Entosphenus tridentatus) Assessment and Template for Conservation Measures in CaliforniaPacific Lamprey, Populations, Californiatechnical-reportother-threatened-fishes
2020Mark E. Hereford, William R. Tinniswood, Benji S. Ramirez, Oregon Department of Fish and WildlifeFish Distribution at the HUC12 scale in the Upper Klamath Lake sub-basin, , 180102Distribution, HUC12, Upper Klamath Laketechnical-reportsalmon steelhead-rainbow-trout suckers
2016T. Nightengale, A. Shelly & R. BeamesderferFINAL REPORT Lower Deschutes River Macroinvertebrate & Periphyton StudyMacroinvertebrate, Periphytontechnical-reportaquatic-habitat
2020Stillwater SciencesDRAFT TECHNICAL MEMORANDUM MARCH 2020- Salmon River Floodplain Habitat Enhancement and Mine Tailing Remediation Project – Phase 2: Conceptual Design, 180102Salmon River Restoration Council (SRRC), Habitat Enhancementtechnical-reporthabitat-restoration
2011Ronald M. Thom, Gregory D. Williams, Nathan R. EvansLower Columbia River and Estuary Habitat Restoration Prioritization FrameworkLower Columbia River, Estuary Habitat Restoration Prioritization Frameworkacademic-articlehabitat-restoration
2006N.R. Evans, R.M. Thom, G.D. Williams, J. Vavrinec, K.L. Sobocinski, L.M. Miller, A.B. Borde, V.I. Cullinan, J.A. Ward, C.W. May, C. AllenLower Columbia River Restoration Prioritization FrameworkLower Columbia River, Restoration, Prioritization Framework, Decision-Making Tooltechnical-reporthabitat-restoration
2018Aiora Zabala , Chris Sandbrook, Nibedita MukherjeeWhen and how to use Q methodology to understand perspectives in conservation researchbiodiversity conservation, conflict management, conservation policy, decision-making, governance, human perspectives, social research, valuesacademic-articlemiscellaneous
2012Justin GarwoodHistoric and recent occurrence of Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) in California streams within the Southern Oregon/ Northern California Evolutionary Significant Unitcoho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch), SONCC ESU,academic-articlesalmon
2018Jeanette K. Howard, Kurt A. Fesenmyer, Theodore E. Grantham, Joshua H. Viers, Peter R. Ode, Peter B. Moyle, Sarah J. Kupferburg, Joseph L. Furnish, Andrew Rehn, Joseph Slusark, Raphael D. Mazor, Nicholas R. Santos, Ryan A. Peek, Amber N. WrightA freshwater conservation blueprint for California: prioritizing watersheds for freshwater biodiversityconservation planning, freshwater biodiversity, protected areas, Zonation software, Californiaacademic-articlewater-quality
2019Rania Taha, Jörg Dietrich, Alexandra Dehnhardt, Jesko HirschfeldScaling Effects in Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Aggregation in Integrated River Basin Management, , multi-criteria decision analysis, spatial compensation, criteria aggregation, river basin management plan, technique for order of preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS)academic-articleadaptive-management hydrology monitoring-programs
2019Russell W. Perry, John M. Plumb, Edward C. Jones, Nicholas A. Som, Thomas B. Hardy, Nicholas J. HetrickApplication of the Stream Salmonid Simulator (S3) to Klamath River Fall Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), California—Parameterization and Calibration, 180102Stream Salmonid Simulator (S3), Chinook Salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha,technical-reportmonitoring-programs salmon
2019FlowWestUpper Klamath Basin Watershed Action Plan (UKB WAP) Draft version intended for expert review, 180102anadromous species, Upper Klamath Basin (UKB), Upper Klamath Basin Watershed Action Plan (UKB WAP)technical-reporthabitat-restoration monitoring-programs
2018Susan Charnley, Hannah Gosnell, Kendra L Wendel, Mary M Rowland, Michael J WisdomCattle grazing and fish recovery on US federal lands: can social–ecological systems science help?grazing management, habitat, fish species, US Endangered Species Act (ESA),technical-reportirrigation
2016Mitzi Wickman, Charles Wickman, Will HarlingAlexander Pond Monitoring ReportMonitoring, Alexander Pondtechnical-reportmonitoring-programs
2018Mid Klamath Watershed CouncilMay Pond Monitoring Report180102Mid Klamath Watershed Council (MKWC), Monitoring, May Pondtechnical-reportmonitoring-programs
2018Scott River Watershed CouncilRestoring Priority Coho Habitat in the Scott River Watershed Modeling and Planning Report Phase 1 – October 1, 2018, 180102Coho Salmon, Scott River Watershed, Modeling, Planning, Restorationtechnical-reporthabitat-restoration salmon
2011Aqua Terra ConsultingShasta River Tailwater Reduction Plan, , 180102Tailwater, Shasta, run-off, agricultural irrigation practices,technical-reportcontaminants irrigation water-quality
2019ESSA Technologies Ltd. Klamath IFRMP Phase 3 Kick-Off Webinar presentation, , presentationadaptive-management habitat-restoration monitoring-programs
2010P Roni, G Pess, T Beechie, S MorleyEstimating Changes in Coho Salmon and Steelhead Abundance from Watershed Restoration: How Much Restoration Is Needed to Measurably Increase Smolt Production?, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Abundance, Watershed Restoration, Smolt Productiontechnical-reporthabitat-restoration salmon
2018Damon H. Goodman, Stewart B. ReidRegional Implementation Plan for Measures to Conserve Pacific Lamprey (Entosphenus tridentatus), California – Sacramento Regional Management UnitPacific Lamprey, Conservation Measures, NatureServe, Limiting Factorstechnical-reportother-threatened-fishes
2018Anne Voss, Kimberly True, J. Scott FoottMyxosporean Parasite (Ceratonova shasta and Parvicapsula minibicornis) Prevalence of Infection in Klamath River Basin Juvenile Chinook Salmon, March – August 2018, , 180102Myxosporean Parasite (Ceratonova shasta and Parvicapsula minibicornis), Juvenile Chinook Salmon,technical-reportcontaminants salmon water-quality
2018Stephen A. Gough, Christian Z. Romberger, Nicholas A. SomFall Chinook Salmon Run Characteristics and Escapement in the Mainstem Klamath River below Iron Gate Dam, 2017, Carcass, Chinook, Egg Production, Escapement, Hierarchical Latent Variables Model, Klamath, Mark–Recapture, Pre-Spawn Mortality, Redd, Salmon, Spawner, Spawningtechnical-reportdam-operations salmon
2018Nicholas A. Som, Justin Alvarez, Aaron MartinAssessment of Chinook Salmon Smolt Habitat Use in the lower Trinity River180102Chinook Salmon, Smolt Habitat, Trinitytechnical-reportsalmon
2018Aaron T. David, Stephen A. Gough, William D. PinnixSummary Of Catch And Biological Data Collected During Juvenile Salmonid Monitoring On The Mainstem Klamath River Below Iron Gate Dam, California, 2017, , 180102Juvenile Salmonid, Iron Gate Dam, Monitoringtechnical-reportdam-operations monitoring-programs salmon
2018Christian Z. Romberger, Sylvia GwozdzPerformance of water temperature management on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers, 2017, 180102Water temperature, Klamath, Trinity, Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP)technical-reportwater-temperature
2019David A Hewitt, Ph.D.David A Hewitt, Ph.D. – research and monitoring program for two endangered catostomids in the Upper Klamath Basin of Oregon and California., 180102Aquatic Ecosystems, Endangered Species, Fishery Resources, Freshwater Ecosystems, Migration, Suckers, Clear lake, Upper Klamath lake, PIT tagswebsitemonitoring-programs suckers
2019U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceBiological Opinion on the Effects of Proposed Klamath Project Operations from April 1, 2019, through March 31, 2024, on the Lost River Sucker and the Shortnose Sucker, , , 180102Lost River sucker (Deltistes luxatus, LRS), Shortnose sucker (Chasmistes brevirostris; SNS)technical-reportdam-operations habitat-restoration monitoring-programs suckers
2019RoniDoes River Restoration Increase Fish Abundance and Survival or Concentrate Fish? The Effects of Project Scale, Location, and Fish Life History, Restoration, Fish abundance, survival, fish life historyacademic-articledam-removal habitat-restoration
2019J. Ryan Bellmore, George R. Pess, Jeffrey J. Duda, Jim E. O'Connor, Amy E. East, Melissa M. Foley, Andrew C. Wilcox, Jon J. Major, Patrick B. Shafroth, Sarah A. Morley, Christopher S. Magirl, Chauncey W. Anderson, James E. Evans, Christian E. Torgersen, Laura S. CraigConceptualizing Ecological Responses to Dam Removal: If You Remove It, What’s to Come?, dam removal, river restoration, disturbance, conceptual models, ecological modelingacademic-articledam-removal habitat-restoration
2019U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation2018 Biological Assessment – The Effects of the Proposed Action to Operate the Klamath Project from April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2029 on Federally-Listed Threatened and Endangered Species, , ESA, Threatened, Endangered species, Biological Assessment, BAtechnical-reportdam-removal salmon suckers
2018USDA Six Rivers Aquatic Restoration Project Draft Environmental AssessmentEnvironmental Assessment, Six Rivers, Restorationtechnical-reporthabitat-restoration
2016U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceArcata Fish and Wildlife Office Fish and Aquatic Habitat Program Overview 2016. Role of AFWO Fish & Aquatic Habitat Conservation Program., 180102AFWO Fish & Aquatic Habitat Conservation Program, Fish and Aquatic Habitat Programtechnical-memohabitat-restoration salmon
2016U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceArcata Fish and Wildlife Office Fisheries Program’s Drought Response 2016 Providing Technical Support to Water Managers – Klamath Basin Anadromous Fish and Aquatic Habitat Monitoring and Assessments, 180102Aquatic Habitat, Monitoring, Assessmenttechnical-memoaquatic-habitat salmon
2015Nicholas A. Som, Damon H. Goodman, Russell W. Perry, Thomas B. HardyHabitat Suitability Criteria via Parametric Distributions: Estimation, Model Selection and Uncertainty, habitat suitability criteria, maximum likelihood, probability density function, bootstrapacademic-articleaquatic-habitat habitat-restoration
2017Nicholas A. Som, Russell W. Perry, Edward C. Jones, Kyle De Juilio, Paul Petros, William D. Pinnix, Derek L. RupertN-mix for fish: estimating riverine salmonid habitat selection via N-mixture models, salmonid habitat, N-mix, N-mixture modelsacademic-articleaquatic-habitat salmon
2018D. H. Goodman, N. A. Som, N. J. HetrickIncreasing the availability and spatial variation of spawning habitats through ascending baseflows, , habitat modelling, natural flow regime, salmon, spawningacademic-articlehabitat-restoration streamflow salmon
2018Russell W. Perry, John M. Plumb, Edward C. Jones, Nicholas A. Som, Nicholas J. Hetrick, Thomas B. HardyModel Structure of the Stream Salmonid Simulator (S3)— A Dynamic Model for Simulating Growth, Movement, and Survival of Juvenile SalmonidsStream Salmonid Simulator (S3), Model, Growth, Movement, Survival, Juvenile Salmonidstechnical-reportsalmon
2018Susan A. Wherry, Tamara M. WoodA Metabolism-Based Whole Lake Eutrophication Model to Estimate the Magnitude and Time Scales of the Effects of Restoration in Upper Klamath Lake, South-Central Oregon, , 180102Eutrophication Model, Upper Klamath Lake, technical-reporthabitat-restoration upper-klamath water-quality
2013Kurt Fesenmyer, Rene Henery, Jack Williams, Trout Unlimited Science ProgramCalifornia Freshwater Conservation Success Index: An Assessment of Freshwater Resources in California, with focus on lands managed by the US Bureau of Land Management, Conservation Success Index (CSI), Assessment tooltechnical-reporthabitat-restoration water-quality
2018Flora Cordoleani, Jeremy Notch, Alex S. McHuron, Arnold J. Ammann, Cyril J. MichelMovement and Survival of Wild Chinook Salmon Smolts from Butte Creek During Their Out-Migration to the Ocean: Comparison of a Dry Year versus a Wet Year, 180102Survival, Movement, Butte Creek, Wild Chinook Salmon Smolts,academic-articlesalmon
2012A. Peter Klimley, R. Bruce MacFarlane, Phillip T. Sandstrom, Stephen T. LindleyA summary of the use of electronic tagging to provide insights into salmon migration and survivalelectronic tagging, salmon migration and survivalacademic-articlesalmon
2006Scott Griebling, Janet Oatney, Stephen Cruise, Washington County Department of Land Use and TransportationDairy-McKay Fish Passage Assessment and PrioritizationFish Passage Assessment,technical-reporthabitat-restoration
2012Lower Columbia Estuary PartnershipA Guide to the Lower Columbia River Ecosystem Restoration Program – TECHNICAL REVIEW DRAFTRestoration, Lower Columbia Rivertechnical-reporthabitat-restoration
2010Matthew Barry, Sue Mattenberger, Larry Dunsmoor, Shannon Peterson, Danette WatsonProjected Restoration Actions and Associated Costs Under the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement for the Upper Klamath River Basin Above Keno, Oregon, 180102Restoration Agreement, Restoration Actions, formal-agreementhabitat-restoration upper-klamath
2011E. Eric Knudsen,An Independent Peer Review of Two Models Estimating Potential Chinook Salmon Production After Dam Removal and Habitat Restoration on the Klamath River, , , 180102Independent expert review, Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KRBA), Dam removal, Chinook salmon,technical-reportdam-removal habitat-restoration mainstem-klamath salmon
2018KRRC, Klamath River Renewal CorporationDefinite Plan for the Lower Klamath Project, , , , , 180102Definite Plan, Dam Operations, Dam Removal, Water Quality, technical-report websitedam-operations dam-removal hatcheries lower-klamath water-quality
1996Michael L. Jones, Robert G. Randall, Daniel Hayes, Warren Dunlop, Jack Imhof, Gilles Lacroix, Neville J.R. WardAssessing the ecological effects of habitat change: moving beyond productive capacityhabitat change, ecological effect, academic-articlehabitat-restoration
1997Dill, William A., creator, Cordone, Almo J., California, Dept. of Fish and GameHistory And Status of Introduced Fishes In California, 1871 – 1996, Introduced Fishes, Californiatechnical-report websiteother-threatened-fishes
2018ESSA Technologies Ltd. Klamath Basin Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan (IFRMP)Phase 2- Real-time Survey Webinar, , 180102presentationadaptive-management dam-removal monitoring-programs
2018ESSA Technologies Ltd.Klamath Basin Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan (IFRMP) Phase 2 (Task 1.2) In Progress Chapters & Annotated Report Outline August 24, 2018, , , , , , , 180102Klamath Basin Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan (IFRMP) Phase 2 (Task 1.2)technical-reportadaptive-management dam-removal estuary-klamath habitat-restoration lower-klamath mainstem-klamath monitoring-programs upper-klamath
2018NOAARecovery Plan for the Southern Distinct Population Segment of North American Green Sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris)North American Green Sturgeon, Recovery Plantechnical-reportother-threatened-fishes
2018ESSA Technologies Ltd.July 10-11 2018 IFRMP Workshop Summary, , , , , , , , , , , , , , technical-reportadaptive-management aquatic-habitat dam-removal estuary-klamath habitat-restoration hydrology streamflow monitoring-programs other-threatened-fishes red-band-trout salmon sediment-geomorphology steelhead-rainbow-trout suckers water-quality
2018ESSA Technologies Ltd. Objectives, Performance Indicators & Monitoring Workshop Pre-Workshop Briefing Package, , , , , Briefing package, Objectives, Performance Indicators, Monitoring, Workshoptechnical-reportadaptive-management dam-removal estuary-klamath habitat-restoration hydrology monitoring-programs
2018ESSA Technologies Ltd.Development of an Integrated Fisheries Restoration & Monitoring Plan for the Klamath Basin: Objectives Hierarchy, Key Performance Indicators & Monitoring Framework Workshop – July 2018, , , , , 180102Workshop, Objectives Hierarchy, Key Performance Indicators, Monitoring Frameworkformal-agreement presentationadaptive-management dam-removal habitat-restoration streamflow monitoring-programs
2018Mark Bransom, John Carlos Garza, John B. Hamilton, Mark Hereford, Alex Gonyaw Overview of Klamath River Dam Removal and Salmon Reintroduction to the Upper Klamath Basin. A Concurrent Session at the 36th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference held in Fortuna, California from April 11 – 14, 2018., , , 180102Dam Removal, Salmon Reintroduction, conference-proceedingdam-removal habitat-restoration salmon upper-klamath
2015U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceKlamath Recovery Unit Implementation Plan for Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus)180102bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus), implementation plan, Klamath Recovery Unittechnical-reportother-threatened-fishes
2018Mark Hereford, Ted WiseAn Update on the Reintroduction Implementation Plan of Anadromous Fishes into the Upper Klamath Basin – Mark Hereford, 180102Salmon, Upper Klamath Basin, conference-proceedingsalmon upper-klamath
2018Anna V SmithHow the Yurok Tribe is reclaiming the Klamath River, 180102Klamath River, Yurok Tribe, Amy Cordalisnews-articlehabitat-restoration water-rights
1996McEwan,Steelhead Restoration and Management Plan for CaliforniaSteelhead, Restoration, Management Plantechnical-reportsteelhead-rainbow-trout
2018Daniel J. Isaak, Charles H. Luce, Dona L. Horan, Gwynne L. Chandler, Sherry P. Wollrab, David E. NageGlobal Warming of Salmon and Trout Rivers in the Northwestern U.S.: Road to Ruin or Path Through Purgatory?Global Warming, Salmon River, Trout River,academic-articleclimate-change
2015Lindsey Ogston, Sam Gidora, Matthew Foy, Jordan RosenfeldWatershed-scale effectiveness of floodplain habitat restoration for juvenile coho salmon in the Chilliwack River, British Columbiacoho (Oncorhynchus kisutch), habitat restoration, academic-articlehabitat-restoration
2014John Buffington, Chris Jordan, Mike Merigliano, Jim Peterson, Clair StalnakerReview of the Trinity River Restoration Program Following Phase 1, with Emphasis on the Program’s Channel Rehabilitation Strategy180102Channel rehabilitation activities, Trinity Rivertechnical-reporthabitat-restoration
2018Josh Boyce, Damon H. Goodman, Nicholas A. Som, Justin Alvarez, Aaron MartinTrend Analysis of Salmon Rearing Habitat Restoration in the Trinity River at Summer Base Streamflow, 2005-2015, 1801020Habitat Surveys, Sampling Design, Salmon, Trinity River, TRRP, technical-reporthabitat-restoration salmon
2017Bureau of Reclamation2017 Annual Operations Plan. Klamath Project, Oregon-California Mid-Pacific Region180102Operations Plan, Water supply, Conservation, Drought mitigationtechnical-reportwater-rights
2015Bureau of Reclamation2015 Annual Operations Plan. Klamath Project, Oregon-California Mid-Pacific Region1801020Operations Plan, Water supply, drought mitigationtechnical-reportwater-rights
2018Paul Moran, Joe Dazey, Larrie LaVoy, Sewall YoungGenetic Mixture Analysis Supports Recalibration of the Fishery Regulation Assessment ModelChinook Salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, Fishery Regulation Assessment Model academic-articlesalmon
2018Jonathan D. Bakker, Eric G. Delvin, Peter W. DunwiddieStaged-scale restoration: Refining adaptive management to improve restoration effectiveness, adaptive management, adaptive restoration, collaboration, land management, randomization, replication, spatial scale, staged-scale restoration, stagingacademic-articleadaptive-management habitat-restoration
2008Ward, L., P. Crain, B. Freymond, M. McHenry, D. Morrill, G. Pess, R. Peters, J.A. Shaffer, B. Winter,B. Wunderlich.Elwha River Fish Restoration Plan Developed Pursuant to the Elwha River Ecosystem and Fisheries Restoration Act, Public Law 102-495Restoration, Elwha, technical-memohabitat-restoration
2008Michael L. McHenry, George R. Pess,An Overview of Monitoring Options for Assessing the Response of Salmonids and Their Aquatic Ecosystems in the Elwha River Following Dam Removal, Elwha River dam removal, Monitoring, technical-reportdam-removal monitoring-programs
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