The Oregon Conservation Strategy

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Title: The Oregon Conservation Strategy
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Updated Date: 06.06.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): The Oregon Conservation Strategy
Publication Date: 2016
Focal Topic: Monitoring Programs, Habitat Restoration, Aquatic Habitat / Invertebrates / Insects
Location: United States

The Oregon Conservation Strategy is a blueprint for conservation in Oregon. The Oregon Conservation Strategy (also referred to as the Conservation Strategy or Strategy) is an overarching state strategy for conserving fish and wildlife. It provides a shared set of priorities for addressing Oregon’s conservation needs. The Conservation Strategy brings together the best available scientific information, and presents a menu of recommended voluntary actions and tools for all Oregonians to define their own conservation role. The goals of the Conservation Strategy are to maintain healthy fish and wildlife populations by maintaining and restoring functioning habitats, preventing declines of at-risk species, and reversing declines in these resources where possible.

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