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Title: Klamath Tribal Water Quality Consortium - http://www.klamathwaterquality.com/
Category: Website
External URL: http://www.klamathwaterquality.com/documents.html
Updated Date: 02.08.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): Klamath Tribal Water Quality Consortium
Publication Date: 2015
Focal Topic: Water Quality, Lower Klamath, Salmon
Location: Lower Klamath
Watershed Code: 18010209

Welcome to the Klamath Tribal Water Quality Consortium (formerly known as the Klamath Basin Tribal Water Quality Work Group) website, which is designed to inform the public about Klamath River water quality problems and how to solve them. The Consortium, made up of leaders of five Tribal water quality or environmental departments, collaborates on larger basin-scale water quality issues such as Klamath Hydroelectric Project (KHP) and Clean Water Act implementation (TMDL). Other regulatory processes relevant to water quality, such California Department of Fish and Game Incidental Take Permits (ITP) for coho salmon, are also discussed on this site.

The Consortium participants have conducted numerous complex scientific investigations concerning Klamath River water quality impairment since the group’s inception in 2003. This website presents Tribal studies, as well as continuing scientific discoveries by agencies, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations (see new science). It also provides a portal for tracking important governmental and regulatory processes that affect Klamath River water quality, fisheries and Tribal Trust resources.

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