Pacific Northwest Salmon Habitat Project Database

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Title: Pacific Northwest Salmon Habitat Project Database
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Updated Date: 27.02.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): NOAA
Publication Date: 2017
Focal Topic: Salmon, Habitat Restoration
Location: United States

Pacific Northwest Salmon Habitat Project Database. This is a public site for exploring, querying, and downloading fiscal, location, work type, and metric information for salmon habitat restoration projects in the Pacific Northwest is currently in development. The database currently contains spatially referenced, project-level data on over 26,000 restoration actions initiated at over 42,000 locations in the last 15 years (98% of projects report start or end dates in the last 15 years) in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, USA.

Across the Pacific Northwest, both public and private agents are working to improve riverine habitat for a variety of reasons, including improving conditions for threatened and endangered salmon. These projects are moving forward with little or no knowledge of specific linkages between restoration actions and the responses of target species. Targeted effectiveness monitoring of these actions is required to redress this lack of mechanistic understanding, but such monitoring is in turn dependent on detailed restoration information such as implementation monitoring. We created a standardized data dictionary of project types now being applied throughout the region (now RPA 73 in the FCRPS Biop) to assemble a standardized database of restoration projects. The database was designed specifically to address the needs of regional monitoring programs that evaluate the effectiveness of restoration actions.

This database is maintained by the Northwest Fisheries Science Center's Mathematical Biology and Systems Monitoring Program within the Conservation Biology Division.

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