Native Trout Project: 1 October 1988 to 30 September 1989

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Title: Native Trout Project: 1 October 1988 to 30 September 1989
Category: Technical Report
File: Buchanan-et-al_1989_0182_Klamath-NativeTrout-Project.pdf
Updated Date: 27.01.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): D.V. Buchanan, A.R. Hemmingsen, D.L. Bottom, R.A. French, K.P. Currens
Publication Date: 1989
Focal Topic: Redband Trout
Location: Upper Klamath
Watershed Code: 18010203

Review available literature on the zoogeography and ecology of trout populations in the western United States and the implications for trout management. Review literature and historical accounts of the physical characteristics of native stream ecosystems and habitats in the region and changes in these conditions that have occurred since European settlement. Prepare a standard survey for interviewing Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) biologists and other resource professionals to evaluate management objectives and review the current status of inventory information for native trout populations and their habitats.

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