Salmon River Community Restoration Program Annual Work Plan

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Title: Salmon River Community Restoration Program Annual Work Plan
Category: Technical Report
File: SRRC_2020_0547_Salmon-River-Restoration-Program-Plan.pdf
Updated Date: 20.10.2021
Author(s)/Source(s): Salmon River Restoration Council
Publication Date: 2020
Focal Topic: Habitat Restoration, Monitoring Programs, Water Quality, Invasive Species, Salmon
Location: Lower Klamath
Watershed Code: 180102

In 1992, a group of Salmon River community members received support from the Klamath River Fisheries Task Force through the Klamath Forest Alliance to host a series of cooperative workshops with the fisheries managers and community leaders for the local communities in the Salmon River subbasin. These workshops were aimed at increasing local awareness to help protect and restore the dwindling populations of spring Chinook salmon in the Salmon River. The local community response was overwhelmingly positive and illegal harvest of these species was subsequently reduced by an estimated 85%.

In response to the local community's desire to protect and restore the Salmon River anadromous fisheries, the Salmon River Community Restoration Program was created in 1993. The Program enlisted support by:
1. Increasing community member’s awareness and ability to contribute to restoration
2. Stimulating the development of a local Salmon River watershed restoration group (the Salmon River Restoration Council)
3. Developing cooperative restoration plans. Implementing short-term and long-term protection and restoration projects.

Through the vehicle of the Community Restoration Program, local involvement and broadened volunteer efforts increased and led to the formation of the Salmon River Restoration Council, which became a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation in 1995.

To date the SRRC has sponsored more than 2,098 restoration-related workshops, workdays, and field trips. Community members, staff, technical specialists, and others have contributed over 107,607 volunteer hours to watershed restoration activities. These activities have helped to increase coordination and cooperation between diverse stakeholders.

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