Dam Removal Real Estate Evaluation Report

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Title: Dam Removal Real Estate Evaluation Report
Category: Technical Report
File: BRI_2012_0123_Dam-Removal-Real-Estate-Evaluation-Update-Report.pdf
Updated Date: 05.01.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): BRI
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-16
Focal Topic: Dam Removal
Location: Klamath Basin
Watershed Code: 180102

The purpose of this assignment is to determine the impacts to the value of the real property of those impacted parcels that align and/or are influenced by the reservoirs that have formed behind the three identified dams. The client is the Office of Valuation Services and the intended user is the Department of the Interior. The report is intended to be used by the Realty Sub-team, as input to the NEPA Team, in connection with the Environmental Impact Statement being prepared on the potential removal of the four identified dams.

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Real Estate, Iron Gate Dam