Data Basin

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Title: Data Basin
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Updated Date: 16.03.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): Conservation Biology Institute
Publication Date: 2017
Focal Topic: Miscellaneous
Location: United States

Data Basin is a science-based mapping and analysis platform that supports learning, research, and sustainable environmental stewardship. As environmental conservation problems become more serious and the demand to solve them grows more urgent, it is critical that science, practice, policy, and people are integrated in stronger ways. A team of scientists, software engineers, and educators at the Conservation Biology Institute (CBI) built Data Basin with the strong conviction that we can expand our individual and collective ability to develop sustainable solutions by empowering more people through access to spatial data, non-technical tools, and collaborative networks.

- Explore and organize data & information
- Create custom visualizations, drawings, & analyses
- Use collaborative tools in groups
- Publish datasets, maps, & galleries
- Develop decision-support and custom tools

Data Basin is used by over 17000 scientists, natural resource practitioners, students & educators, and interested citizens from diverse sectors and geographies.

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research, sustainable environmental stewardship, spatial data, collaborative networks