Klamath River TMDL

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Title: Klamath River TMDL
Category: Website
External URL: http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/northcoast/water_issues/programs/tmdls/klamath_river/
Updated Date: 09.01.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): Clayton Creager, North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board
Publication Date: 2017
Focal Topic: Water Quality
Location: Klamath Basin
Watershed Code: 180102

On September 7, 2010 the State Water Resources Control Board adopted a Resolution approving amendments to the Water Quality Control Plan for the North Coast Region to establish: (1) Site Specific Dissolved Oxygen Objectives for the Klamath River; (2) an Action Plan for the Klamath River Total Maximum Daily Loads Addressing Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Nutrient, and Microcystin Impairments in the Klamath River; and (3) an Implementation Plan for the Klamath and Lost River Basins. On December 28, 2010, the US Environmental Protection Agency approved the TMDLs for the Klamath River in California pursuant to CWA Section 303(d)(2). The TMDLs, Implementation Plan, and new Dissolved Oxygen Objectives are in effect.

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