Research Health Report. Results from Tissue Sampling, 2010-2012

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Title: Research Health Report. Results from Tissue Sampling, 2010-2012
Category: Technical Report
File: 2014_0441_STAR-Outreach-Brochure.pdf
Updated Date: 18.02.2018
Author(s)/Source(s): Yurok Tribe Environmental Program,
Publication Date: 2014-Mar
Focal Topic: Water Quality, Contaminants, Aquatic Habitat / Invertebrates / Insects
Location: Klamath Basin
Watershed Code: 180102

The purpose of this study was to investigate concerns identified by the Yurok Tribal membership about the health and safety of Yurok Waters, the Klamath River, and key aquatic species relied upon for culture, subsistence and economic benefits. Community concerns were identified in surveys conducted by YTEP in 2007 and the grant was funded by EPA National Center for Environmental Research in 2008. A large component of the study was sample and test selected aquatic species for a range of contaminants that could impact resource and human health, including heavy metals, pesticides and bio-toxins.

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