Conservation Gateway - Klamath Basin

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Title: Conservation Gateway - Klamath Basin
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Updated Date: 16.05.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): The Nature Conservancy
Publication Date: 2017
Focal Topic: Water Quality, Habitat Restoration, Suckers, Aquatic Habitat / Invertebrates / Insects, Other threatened fishes, Estuary of the Klamath, Riparian Species & Wildlife, Salmon
Location: Klamath Basin
Watershed Code: 180102

The Upper Klamath Basin of southern Oregon contains a vast complex of lakes, rivers and wetlands support tremendous freshwater biodiversity including seventeen native fish species. In addition, the basin is among one of the highest in concentration of groundwater-dependent ecosystems in Oregon. For example, groundwater contributes 86% of the water budget of Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, and 15% of the inflow to Upper Klamath Lake.

However, flow alteration, habitat loss and water quality degradation have severely impacted aquatic resources. Today, six of the seventeen native fish in the Upper Klamath Basin are extinct, extirpated, or listed as endangered or threatened. A number of plans and agreements have focused attention on restoration of floodplain and wetland habitat, recognizing the importance of the basin.

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Habitat Loss, Water Quality, Endangered Suckers, Restoration