Final 2012 Klamath River Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Summary Report

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Title: Final 2012 Klamath River Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Summary Report
Category: Technical Report
File: Hanington_2012_0396_Klamath-River-Continuous-WQ-Monitoring.pdf
Updated Date: 09.08.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): Matthew Hanington
Publication Date: 2013-Aug
Focal Topic: Water Temperature, Water Quality, Monitoring Programs
Location: Klamath Basin
Watershed Code: 180102

This report summarizes the trends in water quality as measured by Yellow Springs Incorporated (YSI) 6600EDS multi-parameter datasondes on the Klamath and Trinity Rivers from May through November, 2011. The Yurok Tribe Environmental Program (YTEP) measured water quality at several monitoring sites from Weitchpec to the USGS gaging station at Blake’s Riffle at half-hour intervals starting in mid-May and ending in early November. This monitoring was performed in an effort to track both temporal and spatial patterns on the lower reaches of the Klamath River during the sampling period. This data was added to previous years’ water quality data as part of an endeavor to build a multi-year database on the Lower Klamath River. This summary is part of YTEP’s comprehensive program of monitoring and assessment of the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the Klamath River and its tributaries in a scientific and defensible manner. Datasonde placement along the mainstem of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers and measured parameters were coordinated with the Karuk Tribe and PacifiCorp to expand our understanding of the water quality dynamics in the Klamath basin.

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