Initial Phase of the Scott River Watershed Council Strategic Action Plan, October 2005 Update

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Title: Initial Phase of the Scott River Watershed Council Strategic Action Plan, October 2005 Update
Category: Study (non-Peer Reviewed)
File: 2005_0165_SRWC_StrategicActionPlan_Update.pdf
Updated Date: 19.01.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): Siskiyou County Resource Conservation District
Publication Date: 2005-Oct
Focal Topic: Habitat Restoration, Riparian Species & Wildlife, Salmon, Steelhead/Rainbow Trout, Water Allocation & Rights, Water Quality, Land Management & Irrigation
Location: Scott River
Watershed Code: 18010209

The Scott River Watershed Council (SRWC) has developed this plan for the Scott River watershed for the purpose of cooperatively establishing a common strategy for restoration and management actions. Thus, the Scott River Watershed Strategic Action Plan (SAP) will form the basis for setting priorities for future projects and practices to be supported by the SRWC, the communities within the watershed, and the many funding sources. Watershed, and Historic Watershed Conditions provides a general report which describes the planning process, history of community involvement, agency coordination, overall goals and objectives, and the background of watershed changes over time. The various sections relating to specific watershed topics (such as fisheries, water, riparian and habitat, etc.) include the following items: history; current conditions; findings; reference to
current and past actions; and the goals, objectives and strategic actions that will be used to develop projects and studies to assist in filling critical gaps. Prioritized objectives and the strategic actions are identified in the topic areas and include indicators for the term of accomplishment1 (i.e. 2 year, 5 year, 10, year and 50 year). These watershed topics will be expanded with each phase of the SAP to further define current conditions and restoration needs. Planning sections: Monitoring Plan, Developing Strategic Actions, and Outstanding Issues/Questions provide the SRWC with detailed information that will be used to develop a detailed workplan, help set priorities and identify gaps. The remaining sections: Glossary of Terms, List of Acronyms, Works Cited, and Appendices contain reference material to assist the reader with information they may not be familiar with,
provide supporting data, or for use when needing more information about a topic.

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