Sprague River CEAP Study Report

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Title: Sprague River CEAP Study Report
Category: Technical Report
File: 2009_0443_Sprague-CEAP-report.pdf
Updated Date: 07.03.2018
Author(s)/Source(s): USDA
Publication Date: 2009-Mar
Focal Topic: In-Stream Flow / Flow Regime, Hydrology, Land Management & Irrigation
Location: Middle Sprague, Sprague - Sycan
Watershed Code: 18010202

The Sprague River CEAP study was designed to provide information about conservation practices through field monitoring and computer model simulations of the hydrologic budget. The Danish Hydrologic Institute's MIKE SHE hydrologic model was selected as the most appropriate hydrologic software. The MIKE SHE, an integrated hydrological modeling system, covers the entire land phase of the hydrological cycle, linking surface runoff with channel hydraulics and ground water hydrology.

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Sprague River CEAP, monitoring, hydrology