Exhibit A-1 Definite Decommissioning Plan

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Title: Exhibit A-1 Definite Decommissioning Plan
Category: Technical Report
File: 2020_0535_KRRC_Latest-KRRC-Definite-Plan.pdf
Updated Date: 16.07.2021
Author(s)/Source(s): Kleinschmidt Associates
Publication Date: 2020-Nov
Focal Topic: Dam Removal
Location: Klamath Basin
Watershed Code: 180102

The Lower Klamath River Project (Lower Klamath Project) (FERC No. 14803) consists of four hydroelectric developments on the Klamath River: J.C. Boyle, Copco No. 1, Copco No. 2, and Iron Gate (Figure 1-1). The Klamath River Renewal Corporation (Renewal Corporation) has applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to surrender the license for the Lower Klamath Project for the purpose of implementing the Klamath River Hydroelectric Settlement (KHSA). The Definite Decommissioning Plan (DDP) is filed as Exhibit A-1 of the Amended Surrender Application. This DDP is the Renewal Corporation’s comprehensive plan to physically remove the Lower Klamath Project and achieve a free-flowing condition and volitional fish passage, site remediation and restoration, and avoidance of adverse downstream impacts.

This DDP describes how the Renewal Corporation will implement, upon a license surrender order, the activities associated with the Proposed Action. Exhibit A-2 presents 60% design specifications to implement the Proposed Action. This DDP includes a narrative discussion of those 60% design specifications as well as the results of value engineering that will be presented in our 90% Design submittal, which was submitted September 18, 2020 to the Lower Klamath Project Board of Independent Consultants (BOC) for its informal review.

Concurrent with the filing of its Amended Surrender Application, the Renewal Corporation requested formal review of the 90% Design Specifications by the BOC, FERC and the California Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD). The Amended Surrender Application will be updated (as needed) on February 26, 2021 based on the 90% Design Specifications and any comments received from the BOC, FERC and DSOD.

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