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Title: CalFish Data Portal
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Updated Date: 27.02.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): CalFish
Publication Date: 2017
Focal Topic: Salmon, Aquatic Habitat / Invertebrates / Insects
Location: United States

The CalFish Mission is to create, maintain, and enhance high quality, consistent data that are directly applicable to policy, planning, management, research, and recovery of anadromous fish and related aquatic resources in California; and to provide data and information services in a timely manner in formats that meet the needs of users. CalFish is a cooperative program involving a growing number of agency and organization partners. Such cooperative support has and will continue to guide the future development of CalFish and ensure the longevity and continued usefulness of the CalFish site.

There are many programs in California that are actively gathering, compiling and analyzing fish and aquatic habitat data. Bringing all of this information together and making it available to a variety of users is crucial to the success of fisheries and habitat monitoring, evaluation, and management within the state. Centralizing access to California fisheries data makes it much easier to develop and maintain state-wide data standards and promote further development of related data programs in California. CalFish addresses the needs of a variety of natural resource management agencies by serving as both data publisher and data clearinghouse, providing access to original data and links to sites with related fish and aquatic habitat information.

CalFish provides direct access to many different types of data relating to fish and aquatic habitat data. These data include categories such as: Population monitoring, Distributions, Migration barriers, Hatcheries, Species recovery, Habitat monitoring, Habitat restoration, Genetics. Users are able to view these data via two basic methods: querying the database tables directly or querying the data geographically.

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