Klamath IFRMP Species Range Maps

These maps were produced as part of the Klamath Integrated Fisheries Restoration and Monitoring Plan (IFRMP) and are being used as the basis for determining range overlap of focal fish species with potential project locations during the restoration prioritization phase of this project (which is only one of several prioritization criteria).

Note that the Keno Diversion area shown on this map indicated reassignment of these sub-watersheds from the Lost Subbasin to the Upper Klamath Lake Subbasin for the purpose of participant group discussions in this project only. This decision was made to reflect the hydrologic connectivity of the mainstem in these sub-watersheds to Upper Klamath Lake, which drains directly into this portion of the mainstem and has a significant influence on it. This ‘reorganization’ will ensure that discussion of restoration priorities in this segment of the mainstem occurs in the same group discussing restoration priorities for Upper Klamath Lake.

The maps are available for download in both low resolution (20 MB) and high resolution (70 MB) versions.

High Resolution IFRMP_SpeciesRangeMaps_Web_2020_HiRes

Low Resolution IFRMP_SpeciesRangeMaps_Web_2020_LoRes

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