IFRMP Action-Stressor Definitions and Linkages Data Dictionary

The IFRMP Action-Stressor Definitions and Linkages Data Dictionary is the architecture of the IFRMP database and establishes how restoration actions and stressors are hierarchically linked together. It uses a standardized classification system for restoration actions in order to consistently describe restoration projects across multiple rounds of prioritization. Within this classification system, watershed restoration actions directly benefiting fish habitat and populations fall into one of nine major Action Type Categories which group similar restoration actions. These are further divided into Action Types describing specific restoration actions. Restoration projects within the IFRMP may have one or more Action Types (from one or more Action Type Categories) and are linked with specific sub-watersheds and a project narrative that provides the localized context for implementation.

Action Types and stressors were pulled from the original NOAA Pacific Salmon Restoration Fund Data Dictionary (click the “Definitions” tab at the top right of the webpage) and modified to reflect the chain of events between stressor-species-actions, which were captured in the Phase 2 conceptual models. The conceptual models from Phase 2 provide the framework for classification system for (1) which watershed restoration Action Types address which key stressors, and (2) which key stressors matter for which species and, by linking those two elements, we can understand (3) which actions should benefit which species. In some cases, the original framework includes multiple related stressors for a specific stressor type (e.g., there are 5 stressors linked to water quality condition). To avoid unbalanced weighting due to some repetitiveness in similarly detailed stressor types, the original complete list of 71 stressors was mapped onto a smaller set of 21 unique stressor categories.

The IFRMP Action-Stressor Definitions and Linkages Data Dictionary details restoration action types, stressor types, stressors addressed by each type, and linkages between actions and the stressors they are expected to help address. Each stressor type, or category, also falls under a functional watershed process tier.

IFRMP Action-Stressor Definitions and Linkages Data Dictionary (Download)

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