Salmon River Community Restoration Program Annual Work Plan

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Title: Salmon River Community Restoration Program Annual Work Plan
Category: Technical Report
File: SRRC_2013_0021_Salmon-River-Community-restoration-program.pdf
Updated Date: 09.01.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): Salmon River Restoration Council
Publication Date: 2013
Focal Topic: Salmon, Habitat Restoration, Sediment & Geomorphology
Location: Mid Klamath

Citizen efforts such as the Salmon River Restoration Council are the best vehicle to achieve watershed/fisheries recovery, causing minimal dislocation to existing economic and social activities. Each year the Council has expanded its program to provide remedial actions to prevent and restore the resources of the Salmon River, emphasizing anadromous fish recovery. To date we have brought in over four million dollars worth of improved ecosystem health to the Salmon River. Almost one third of these funds have been an in-kind match provided largely by members of the local community in their volunteer participation in SRRC’s community restoration activities. As is evidenced by the Council’s accomplishments and volunteerism, there is strong community commitment to the protection and restoration of the Salmon River ecosystem, highlighting recovery of the anadromous fisheries. Without the support of the watershed residents and various stakeholders, the recovery and maintenance of the watershed and fisheries is not possible, due to the Salmon River subbasin’s remoteness and access problems. Managing agencies must have the cooperation and support of a well-informed community.

In order to maintain and expand upon our community restoration program, we have created this annual work plan to guide our efforts. Our Program seeks to enlist cooperation and support from the US Forest Service and other federal agencies, the State of California, the Karuk Tribe, resource user groups, the environmental community, recreation users and others to accomplish our goals.