River Restoration Managing the Uncertainty in Restoring Physical Habitat

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Title: River Restoration Managing the Uncertainty in Restoring Physical Habitat
Category: Academic Article
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Updated Date: 09.01.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): Stephen Darby, David Sear
Publication Date: 2008
Focal Topic: Habitat Restoration, Aquatic Habitat / Invertebrates / Insects, Riparian Species & Wildlife
Location: United States

For many years scientists and river practitioners have recognized the severity and extent to which aquatic ecosystems have been degraded by a variety of human disturbances and activities (Gregory and Park, 1974; Sear and Arnell, 2006). In turn, realization of the widespread nature of the problem has more recently elicited a surge of interest in the possibility of undertaking corrective interventions, such as flow restoration and channel modifications, to restore or rehabilitate lost and/or damaged ecosystem functions (Brookes and Shields, 1996; Wissmar and Bisson, 2003).

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Habitat Restoration, Aquatic Habitat, Riparian Species & Wildlife