Exploring and Understanding the Restoration Economy

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Title: Exploring and Understanding the Restoration Economy
Category: Academic Article
External URL: https://curs.unc.edu/files/2014/01/RestorationEconomy.pdf
Updated Date: 09.01.2017
Author(s)/Source(s): Todd K. BenDor, T. William Lester, Avery Livengood, Adam Davis, Logan Yonavjak
Publication Date: 2014
Focal Topic: Habitat Restoration
Location: United States

The purpose of this report is to synthesize the evidence and construct a framework for estimating the size of the United States restoration sector. This report is organized as follows: the first section defines restoration, while the second section attempts to define the restoration industry by the factors that drive demand for restoration. The third section reviews previous work to quantify the economic benefits, impacts and contributions of restoration. In the final section, we present our proposed methodology for further research to quantify the size of the restoration industry annually in terms of total economic output and employment.

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